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“A leading pathway to experience learning without limits.”

The after-school enrichment programs are not a replacement for childcare. It is an additional learning opportunity for kids who are interested in challenge and new topics beyond the classroom.  The Future Trained Kids Program is all about its mission to provide enrichment for children — from all walks of life. It is to go beyond the standard education; complimenting and enhancing it by introducing different subjects related to Technology, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship. Our aim is to champion their personal growth and educational experiences so they can achieve more in their young lives.  It is to encourage kids to be challenged, achieve academic excellence, enjoy STEAM related activities, explore/expand creativity and become an innovator in their own subject interest.  It is a great way for your child to learn, connect  and play without the limitation of standard.

Enrich Lives. Enhance Potential. Elevate Opportunities.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Future Trained Kids is a leading pathway for children to experience learning without limits. It is to nurture their young minds to think big, develop real-life skills and to open a platform where they can have access to mentoring along the way.  Kids can enhance their potential, elevate their opportunities and through our programs, we are on a mission to enrich as many lives as we can today.  A big part of our goal is to educate, mentor and instill values that shape the young minds; they can flourish in both academic and practical lives.

After School Learning

An enrichment program for your child.

The after school program is an enrichment, learning opportunity for Grade TK to 5.  It is to champion their young minds, their educational experiences, empower personal growth and instill confidence, in the process of learning so they can achieve their best potential today.  Its key purpose is to teach them new knowledge relating to technology, financial literacy and entrepreneurship so they can be exposed to new topics and subjects that elevate their thinking to the next level.

Features: Homework Supervision – Enhancement Learning – Technology – Academic Excellence – Practical Skills

March-April-May 2018: $125 Per Month

$25 one time registration fee + taxes / Sibling Discount 15%



Enrichment DAY Camp

The CAMP program is currently for 3 DAYS, weekly schedule on school campus. It has alternating activities & subjects to expand their knowledge and interests.  We will introduce fundamentals on team building and problem solving through playtime & games.  They will experience personalized learning to build their confidence further more. It is open to Grade TK to 6.  Our aim is to encourage kids to become innovators-creators-collaborators!

Technology – Coding – STEM – Financial Literacy – Academics – Life Skills – Fitness – Leadership

Spring & Summer Camp: $225

Plus $25 Registration Fee & Taxes.  Payment Plan Available.

Academic Excellence.Creative Thinking.

Personal Growth.

Enrichment Programs

If you want an alternative way to have your child learn and experience new knowledge, this program is a good option as an after school program that will foster their learning experiences. From homework supervision, accelerated learning opportunities in Reading & Math, STEAM activities and creative play — it will empower your child’s educational experiences.  Each week, there are new topics and skills development that relate to fundamentals of Technology (computer & coding), Entrepreneurship (creative thinking & business), Financial Literacy (money & economics) and Personal Growth. From interactive games, team building projects and activities to keep their young minds thinking and challenged. Our aim is to champion the young minds today so they can think & grow, and have a brighter future!

Any Questions? Call 805.905.5998 To register, email us:

Spring & Summer Break 2018 DAY Camp

An Enrichment Program that provides educational opportunities for kids TK – Grade 5. The Day Camp is a way to foster their personal growth and encourage creative learning, where they can learn new knowledge, make new friendships and have some fun! From S-T-E-A-M related activities, free play via interactive games, board games, structured use of computers, expand their knowledge of technology so that they can apply it in today’s time.  It is to elevate their positive thinking and being around like-mindedness so they can grow up, becoming the Super Hero of their future!

SPRING BREAK Camp:  $225 Per Child for 3 Days, March 27,28,29 / 8 am to 4:30 pm / WHE Campus

Any Questions? Call 805.905.5998 To register, email us:

Innovations Class

This is a part of the after school, enrichment learning program where kids can learn new topics, expand their knowledge and to experience skills development in certain areas such as communications, team building, and creative thinking.  There will be play time, Arts, Technology, accelerated Reading-Writing-Spelling-Math, in-class projects that explores their interests.  As an added feature, there is homework support so every child can succeed all around.  We will have different topics and activities presented to children where they can think, innovate and collaborate individually as well as a team.  Our mission is to keep the zesin learning and support their strengths and abilities as a student and to give back to quality of life to the family time at home.

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Technology-Coding Program

This is the other part of the enrichment program where Technology is a part of enrichment learning. It is a way to teach kids the concepts and logic thinking that can enhance their S-T-E-A-M education via computers & applications. They will be guided to understand Coding and Programming through educational games, applications and activity based projects.  There are many different topics, skills training and new concepts that are introduced to expand knowledge and further develop their understanding.  It is to foster critical thinking, problem solving and creativity that has structure – combined with fun activities! i.e. Mathematical Skills / Concepts Scratch Programming Features Curricular Links Problem Solving, XY Coordinates Moving Left and Right, Up and Down Art, Science, Computers

To register, email us:

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