About Us

Future Trained Kids was born from the love of teaching. mentoring and instilling life skills that will enable kids to become equipped with knowledge, skills and the passion to create the life they want with great purpose and confidence.  As they approach their growing years in these changing times today — at a young age from Kindergarten to Grade 12, they can discover and explore topics that can help them achieve personal growth through Technology ( the future ), Financial Literacy ( about money/wealth ) and Entrepreneurship ( innovation & leadership ).  Our mission and vision is to enrich the lives of many, from all walks of life – enhance the potential of innovating-creating-collaborating and to elevate opportunities to better educate the young minds of today, in preparation for a better education and brighter future!


Mission & Vision

“Experience learning without limits.”

Our programs are offered as an after-school program, Spring/Summer Camps, Homeschool Education, Special Workshops and Mentorship. It is to open a pathway for kids to connect, learn and develop their self-esteem in a friendly and open environment so they can express their ideas, encourage creative thinking and promote team building skills.

We believe that by introducing technology and entrepreneurship at an early age can lead to achieving more, as they become knowledgeable and gain practical skills to be able to navigate into their future lives.

The after-school programs, camps and workshops share a homeschool education approach — a way to personalize teaching kids and guide their abilities to get to the next level up.  Our main purpose is to see through, step by step and understanding the child’s challenges as well as their interest.  Future Trained Kids encourages the young minds to become innovators – creators – collaborators of today and going into the future.

Our core values sets us apart from other extra curricular providers, as we encourage, support and push the barriers for the young minds to expand their learning opportunities but also, instilling the passion for learning.  Collaborating the child with a pathway to be connected with technology and entrepreneurship is the edge that we give to each child.  It aims to enhance their technical, practical and leadership abilities so they can creatively think, tackle problem solving and turn their ideas into personal endeavors as they move forward in their young lives.

Enrich children and parents’ lives, to achieve academic excellence and personal growth.

Enhance children’s learning potential, instilling real-world practical skills that they can taken on in life.

Elevate opportunities for further education and open new pathways for success — where they can thrive today.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin






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